“Moving every size of vessel, 500 times a day.”

We provide essential pilotage service to more than 180,000 vessels annually in the Port of Singapore, the world’s busiest container transhipment hub.

Our harbour pilots undergo a structured and comprehensive in-house training programme before they attain their harbour pilot licences from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

With the aid of integrated IT systems, our harbour pilots are able to obtain real-time critical information on-the-go, and can readily provide ship masters with advice to navigate their vessels efficiently and safely in congested port waters.

The Pilot Pledge

We, the Harbour Pilots of PSA Marine, pledge that:

We will always safeguard the interests of Singapore, the Port, our stakeholders and the maritime environment.

We will always uphold the highest standards of pilotage service and carry our duties in a Safe, Professional, Reliable and Efficient manner.

Together, we will work in unison, supporting one another to achieve Total Excellence.

With our free will and honour, we make this pledge.

Our Pilotage Service Level
October 2022 MPA’s Target: 90% within 30 Minutes from Service Required Time (SRT)
PSA Marine’s Performance 95.4% within 30 Minutes from SRT
Total Number of Piloted Jobs 13,664

The same information has been sent to the Singapore Shipping Association for further dissemination.

Our Pilotage Service Extends to Peru

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, PSA Marine Peru, we provide pilotage service in 10 major ports along the Peruvian coastline. With more than 6,000 manoeuvers being carried out annually, our experienced harbour pilots ensure safe, reliable and efficient navigation as well as berthing and unberthing of vessels that call the ports in Peru.”

For more information, please refer to the PSA Marine Peru website at



At PSA Marine, we are constantly experimenting with new and innovative initiatives to stay ahead of changing market conditions and technical innovations. We deliver sustainable digital solutions that meet the emerging needs of our stakeholders in the maritime ecosystem.

ONEHANDSHAKE™ is launched in March 2018. It is an easy-to-use mobile application that equips and empowers maritime stakeholders with real time information for better resource optimisation and planning.

Since March 2018, various modules of ONEHANDSHAKE™ have progressively gone live, minimising resource wastage and working towards a greener future. The most recently launched module is Vessel Pilot Communication, which provides critical and timely updates of pilot boarding times and traffic conditions near the pilot boarding grounds to vessel masters. ONEHANDSHAKE™ is available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store. 

To find out more about ONEHANDSHAKE™, please browse through our E-catalogue or connect with any of our ONEHANDSHAKE™ personal concierges at “[email protected]”. Let’s walk this exciting digital journey together.


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