“Moving every size of vessel, 500 times a day.”

We provide essential pilotage service to more than 180,000 vessels annually in the Port of Singapore, the world’s busiest container transhipment hub.

Our harbour pilots undergo a structured and comprehensive in-house training programme before they attain their harbour pilot licences from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

With the aid of integrated IT systems, our harbour pilots are able to obtain real-time critical information on-the-go, and can readily provide ship masters with advice to navigate their vessels efficiently and safely in congested port waters.

The Pilot Pledge

We, the Harbour Pilots of PSA Marine, pledge ourselves as professionals to uphold the highest standards of pilotage service.

We pledge to carry out our duties intrepidly, striving for the best in all that we do.

We endeavour to mentor and inspire our trainees to excel and succeed as Harbour Pilots.

We will safeguard the interest of Singapore, the Port, our stakeholders and the maritime environment with integrity, diligence and honour.

We will respect and support one another, never compromising on safety and punctuality.

With our free will and honour, we make this pledge.

Our Pilotage Service Level
Dec 2019 MPA’s Target: 90% within 30 Minutes from Service Required Time (SRT)
PSA Marine’s Performance 95.9 % within 30 Minutes from SRT
Total Number of Piloted Jobs 14,933

The same information has been sent to the Singapore Shipping Association for further dissemination.


We aim to connect our stakeholders in the shipping community with ONEHANDSHAKE.

Developed by PSA Marine, ONEHANDSHAKE is an easy-to-use mobile application that provides real-time communication and alerts. Since the launch of ONEHANDSHAKE’s first phase in March 2018, we have brought together many oil terminal operators, shipping agents and surveyors on this single platform. In the subsequent phases, PSA Marine will further integrate ONEHANDSHAKE with our existing order systems and mobile applications to provide a seamless customer experience. Additional features in the pipeline will include vessel arrival timings, vessel tracking and pilot booking.

The mobile applications for surveyors and shipping agents are now available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. For oil terminal operators, please click here to access ONEHANDSHAKE.

Should you require assistance from any of our ONEHANDSHAKE personal concierges, please click here to connect with us else you may wish to refer to the user guide.