PSA Marine Sustainability Movement

We celebrate diversity by having foreigners from countries across Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Philippines and China, in our workforce at PSA Marine. The vibrant and diverse community has brought us countless new experiences and opportunities over the years. Regardless of their nationalities, employees would come together for festivity celebrations, departmental Family Day, fishing competitions and other company-wide events.

Friendships were forged beyond workplace as we embrace and respect cultural differences. exemplifying the #OnePSAM spirit.

Despite being unable to return home due to the various travel restrictions imposed during COVID-19 period, our foreign colleagues continue to receive care and concern through the various initiatives rolled out. These include:

  • Installation of high gain antennae and wireless entertainment system onboard foreign crew-manned harbour tugs;
  • Adoption of digital payment and remittance services for foreign crew;
  • Formation of foreign crew well-being committee;
  • Provision of fitness equipment in PSAM premise;
  • Provision of telecommunications equipment onboard tugs; and
  • Grocery delivery services.

On International Migrants Day 2021, we have also released a series on social media to feature some of our foreign workers’ untold stories. Through the features, we appreciate and honour their tireless contributions, being at the frontline during such trying times. Click here to read the Facebook post!