PSA Marine Sustainability Movement

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology practice that helps to streamline business operations by automating cumbersome, mundane, repetitive, and high-volume tasks. It helps to reduce human errors and operational cost while enabling for faster and smarter job completion.

At PSA Marine, various departments including Human Resources & Corporate Communications, Finance and IT have come together and cross-collaborated to integrate RPA into the various work processes. The system has since taken on voluminous tasks such as letter generations, claims processing, childcare leave application, training records updates and many more. With RPA, many mundane rules-based business processes are now automated, enabling our employees to devote more time to more important tasks, boosting work efficiency and productivity.

The teams are now examining the company’s various workflows, to identify more opportunities where RPA could be leveraged. In the meantime, PSA Marine has also collaborated with students graduating with Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Financial Informatics (“DFI”) who have assumed the role of a RPA robot developer. The students would provide suggestions and solution after understanding the existing problem statements to build user-centric RPA robots. This collaboration is in line with PSA Marine’s drive towards enhancing efficiency and productivity in our daily operations through digital transformation and innovation.

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