PSA Marine Sustainability Movement

13 February 2020 marks a significant moment for PSA Marine, as PSA Marine Peru, a new addition to the PSA Marine family, held its’ inaugural Townhall in Lima, Peru. Together with seven PSA Marine’s management representatives, more than 100 employees attended the Townhall.

During the Townhall, leaders from both entities extended their warm welcomes and shared their excitements for the journey ahead. Participants were also eager to find out more about the Singaporean and Peruvian cultures as they interacted over the tea break. Gifts representing the different Singapore flavors and culture – packets of Hainanese Chicken Rice and Sambal Chili paste, postcards featuring landmarks in Singapore, bottles of kaya, orchid brooches and tote bags designed with orchid, were given out to participants of the Townhall. A Peruvian-themed Masterchef cookout was organised where participants could immerse into the Peruvian culture through preparing local signature dishes – Ceviche and Lomo Saltado.

As we gained deeper appreciation and understanding of each other’s cultures and perspectives, relationships among employees from both countries were strengthen. These would pave the way to a stronger, united #OnePSAM going forward.