PSA Marine Sustainability Movement

As part of PSA Marine’s continuous commitment to a greener marine environment, two dual fuel LNG harbour tugs, PSA Aspen and PSA Oak, were built and deployed for operations in 2019 and 2020. These two harbour tugs have dual fuel engines; a pair of Niigata 6L28AHX on PSA Aspen and two Wärtsilä W9L20DF on PSA Oak. Both harbour tugs are equipped to operate in either diesel or LNG mode, carrying up to 25 cubic metres of LNG in a Type C tank located within the vessel body. They are compliant with IMO Tier 3 emissions requirements.

The operationalisation of these dual fuel LNG tugs is a major milestone in our fleet sustainability journey. These tugs have demonstrated that there is no difference in performance as compared to conventional diesel fueled harbour tugs. In addition to eliminating SOx and particulate matter emissions while achieving 80% NOx emissions reduction, the operation of the harbour tugs in LNG mode has also achieved about 20% reduction of CO2 and 15% lower noise levels.

This was an important first-step for PSA Marine as we embraced the use of a fuel that is a relevant and available alternative to low-sulphur MGO (500ppm). It also involved the application of a lower carbon fuel in cryogenic form onboard two harbour tugs. Despite the additional technical and operational challenges associated with LNG bunkering and the additional safety protocols and efforts, these harbour tugs have been welcomed by the crew onboard PSA Aspen and PSA Oak. The crew underwent the requisite training to carry out LNG bunkering operations, operation and maintenance of the dual fuel engine, onboard LNG storage and handling systems.

As PSA Marine reduces its carbon footprint with these LNG dual fuel harbour tugs, we will like to appreciate the marine crew, Fleet Engineering and Fleet Operations teams who have worked together to make this a successful program for the longer-term horizon.

Watch this video to find out more about PSA Aspen, PSA Marine’s first dual fuel LNG harbour tug!