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Order Towage Service
  • All services provided by PSA Marine are in accordance with the General Operating Conditions.
  • The required number of tugs for a vessel movement will be assigned by PSA Marine based on MPA’s tug usage guidelines for vessel movements in the Port of Singapore.
  • PSA Marine will monitor and adjust the service requested time of the tugs should there be any changes to your service requested time.
  • All customers must have an operating account with PSA Corporation / PSA Marine in order to engage our services. To open a PSA account, please visit https://www.portnet.com/ login, click “Register” and proceed from thereon. Should you encounter any problem, please contact Helpdesk (65) 6321 1173 for guidance.
  • For customers without an operating account, a temporary account can be arranged on a per movement basis. Customers are required to complete the Order Form for the requested service and fax to PSA Marine at the fax no. stated on the order form.
  • For towage service, agents are required to call the Mission Command Centre at (65) 6379 9811 to check the status of their applications before paying the advance cash deposit at 70 West Coast Ferry Road, 4th Storey, Singapore 126800. The Mission Command Centre is manned 24 hours.
  • Payment by cheque or cashier’s order is acceptable provided three (3) clear banking days are available from presentation of the cheque to the service requested time. In other cases, payment should be in cash. However the value of the cash must not exceed SGD 5,000.