Executive (Fleet Support) – 1 vacancy

The successful candidate will undertake roles and responsibilities that include:-

  • Support department managers on administration of benefits, allowances, incentives, claims reimbursement and procurement;
  • Assist department managers in crew management activities that would also include rostering, collation of crew feedback, grievance handling and dispute resolution;
  • Coordinate and work with relevant stakeholders on implementation of asset management policies, asset verification exercises, asset disposal and transfers;
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders on the raising of bills, invoices and payments;
  • Spearhead workplace cohesion, workforce engagement, process improvements and resource optimisation projects;
  • Assist department managers in resolving operational issues involving internal and external stakeholders;
  • Support department managers on departmental branding and communication efforts;
  • Consolidate business statistics and data to analyse trends and establish performance benchmarks; and
  • Taking on special projects and duties as and when assigned.

The ideal candidate should preferably:-

  • Possess at least a Diploma in Business Administration, Maritime Business or equivalent qualifications;
  • Have a strong interest in maritime operations, logistics and crew management;
  • Demonstrate personal effectiveness, strong digital literacy, good communication and project management skills;
  • Be comfortable and adept in working with teams and operate independently when required; and
  • Be receptive towards developmental opportunities such as job rotation, short overseas work trips and stretch assignments.