Harbour Pilot

Candidates are expected to provide pilotage and berthing services to vessels calling at Port of Singapore and ensure the safe
and expedient movement of vessels entering and departing the port, while complying with port regulations and emergency response plans. Vessels piloted include mega container ships, tankers and passenger liners.

Successful candidates will start as trainee Harbour Pilots with an initial training period of 7 to 10 months to obtain the entry-level Class C Licence. Upon obtaining the Class C Licence, PSA Marine will provide progressive and structured on-the-job
training over approximately four years, leading to the attainment of a Class A Licence.

On the award of the Class C Harbour Pilot Licence, you will be required to serve a bond with PSA Marine for five years.


The ideal candidate should preferably:-

  • Have a Certificate of Competency (Deck) Class 1 or 2 or if not, at least a Certificate of Competency (Deck) Class 3 with
    sea-going experience; Ex-RSN Officers with at least four years’ fleet experience are also invited to apply;
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills; and
  • Be willing to work shifts.