Finance and HR Manager (Taiwan) / 財務和人事經理 (臺灣)

Reporting to the General Manager in Taiwan, the Finance and HR Manager will operate in Taiwan, assume overall responsibility of all accounting matters of the company and develop the organisational human capital practices and processes in areas of talent acquisition, learning & development, compensation & benefits, employee engagement and performance management.

The successful candidate is expected to:-

Finance & Accounting
• Prepare monthly management reporting and reconciliation to ensure timely financial and analysis reporting to the Singapore headquarter office;
• Work with local managers and Singapore headquarter office to prepare quarterly forecast and annual budgets, business plans and performance indicators;
• Liaise with internal and external stakeholders (auditors, tax agents, bankers, lawyers) to manage internal control and procedures to ensure legal compliance with tax, statutory and company reporting;
• Assist Board of Directors in implementing corporate governance and compliance and spearheads continuous improvement of company’s rules and regulations;
• Complete audit and tax submissions on a timely manner;
• Monitor and manage treasury function which includes cash and liquidity management; and
• Any other duties as assigned.

Human Resource
• Manage end-to-end recruitment process which includes working closely with Hiring Manager(s) to understand hiring requirements to source and acquire talents from various channels to meet business needs;
• Develop, review and maintain staff training policies and document seafarers’ certification and records;
• Work closely with management team on engagement-related activities and corporate-wide events;
• Process monthly payroll on a timely basis;
• Assess existing processes, identify gaps and propose recommendations to streamline workflows; and
• Any other duties as assigned.


身為財務和人事經理, 您將從事以下的工作任務與職責:-

• 準備並查看月度管理報告包,計劃,業務問題分析和對帳以確保適時向新加坡總部報告財務報告, 並針對異常科目做分析;
• 與其他部門經理和新加坡總部領導層合作,準備季度預測,年度預算,中期業務計劃和績效指標;
• 與內部和外部權益關係者(審計師,稅務代理人,銀行家,律師)聯繫,以管理內部控制和程序確保有關公司,稅務和法定報告/備案的法定合規性;
• 協助董事會落實公司治理與法令遵循, 負責建置公司整體法令遵循之制度、績效評估和持續改善;
• 管理適時完成審計財務和稅務提交;
• 監督和管理財務職能,包括現金和產業流動性管理;
• 任何其他被分配的職務。

• 管理招聘與甄選流程,包括與招聘經理密切合作,了解招聘要求,從各種渠道獲取人才,以滿足業務需求;
• 制定,審查和維繫員工培訓政策並記錄航海員的認證和記錄;
• 与管理团队密切合作,开展与参与提高員工敬業度相关的活动;
• 處理月工資單;
• 評估現有流程,找出差距並提出簡化工作流程的建議;
• 任何其他被分配的職務。


The ideal candidate should preferably:-

• Be a qualified accountant with at least 7 – 8 years of relevant experience and knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”);
• Have at least 2 – 3 years of experience in managing or supervising small teams;
• Have a comprehensive knowledge of the accounting profession, familiar with local financial laws and regulations;
• Have knowledge and experience in using accounting software and Microsoft Office applications (Microsoft Excel. Outlook and Word)
• Relevant finance and accounting experience in marine & shipping industry will be of advantage;
• Possess business acumen and a flair for financial analysis and problem-solving;
• Possess strong verbal and written communication skills in both English and Chinese; and
• Possess good interpersonal skills, with the ability and confidence to influence all levels.

身為財務和人事經理, 您需要:-

• 至少7 – 8年相關經驗並且具有國際財務報告準則知識的合格會計師;
• 至少2 – 3年的管理或監督小團隊的經驗;
• 具有較全面的財會專業理論知識,熟悉中華民國財經法律法規和製度;
• 具有使用會計和微軟辦公軟件的經驗 (Microsoft Excel. Outlook and Word);
• 航運/海運行業的相關的企業財務經驗有利於求職申請;
• 具有商業頭腦並且出色的分析和解決問題的能力;
• 掌握流利的英語與國語書寫和口說能力;
• 掌握維繫良好人際關係技巧,有能力和信心影響各階級。