Engineering Officer (Tug) (2-Year Contract) – 3 vacancies

(This is a 2-year contract role)

Candidates are expected to:-

  • Troubleshoot and attend to operator-level repair of equipment and machinery onboard harbour tug;
  • Work alongside Fleet Engineers during repairs and preventive maintenance of harbour tug;
  • Perform lookout and fire-fighting duties as required by Tug Master;
  • Carry out harbour tug bunkering process and monitor fuel consumption of harbour tug;
  • Handle towlines, tow winch and equipment during tug operations;
  • Attend to the safe securing of harbour tug moored alongside and assist in splicing/replacing of tow ropes;
  • Check validity and operational readiness of all life-saving apparatus and other appliances on board harbour tug; and
  • Perform any other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate should preferably:-

  • Possess a valid Port Limit Engine Driver 2 licence issued by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore; and
  • Be willing to perform shift work.