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PSA Marine Partners with Njord Offshore to Provide Crew Transfer Services in Europe’s Offshore Wind Market
04 / 12 / 2015

PSA Marine (Pte) Ltd (“PSA Marine”) is partnering with Njord Offshore Ltd (“Njord Offshore”) to provide crew transfer services to the offshore wind market in Europe.

In this partnership, PSA Marine will provide, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ventus Marine Limited (“Ventus Marine”), a fleet of modern 21-metre and 26-metre crew transfer vessels (“CTVs”) of the latest design. The CTVs are operated under the ISM code and certified to DNV GL classification standards. They are also built to the highest technical specifications, providing safe and efficient 24/7 crew transfer services to the offshore wind market.

With the dynamic fender system and high bollard thrust, the 26-metre CTVs will push existing operational limitations of crew transfer. In an industry where CTVs play a critical role in the logistics chain, the 26-metre CTVs, with four Volvo engines and IPS pod drives, offer unrivalled redundancy and increased deployment availability.

Njord Offshore, as a leading commercial and technical manager of CTVs in Europe, will leverage on its expertise to manage this fleet of CTVs.

Mr Peter Chew, Managing Director of PSA Marine commented, “We are excited about the growth opportunities in Europe’s offshore renewable energy market. By working alongside Njord Offshore, we will optimise each other’s strengths and capabilities to create more value for the customers. This partnership also reflects PSA Marine’s ambition to grow its marine portfolio and establish a presence in Europe’s offshore wind market.”

Mr Tom Mehew, Director of Njord Offshore said, “We are delighted that PSA Marine has chosen to partner with Njord Offshore. This partnership is a result of the efforts of everyone at Njord Offshore and reflects our desire to be the leading CTV operator in Europe. We are continually striving to develop our service offerings and strongly believe that with PSA Marine’s partnership, shared vision and investment, we can continue to expand our technical, logistical and operational solutions for our customers.”



About PSA Marine

PSA Marine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PSA International Pte Ltd, is a leading harbour towage operator and pilotage provider. PSA Marine owns more than 70 tugs in China, Hong Kong, India, Oman and Southeast Asia with flagship operations in Singapore. Please visit us at www.psamarine.com.


About Njord Offshore

Njord Offshore is a leading commercial and technical manager of crew transfer vessels for the offshore wind market in Europe. Njord Offshore operates under the ISM code and maintains its crew transfer vessel fleet to the highest standards with a strong emphasis on safety, efficiency and reliability. Please visit us at www.njordoffshore.com.




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