Training and Consultancy - PSAM Academy
“Training is the best insurance for your crew and fleet.”

Our training arm, PSAM Academy, offers standard and bespoke training programmes in maritime resource management, harbour tug-handling, piloting and ship-handling to maritime leaders and professionals. Our team of experienced maritime pilots and tug masters are well-positioned to share their extensive knowledge with the course participants. As an advocate for continuous learning and development, PSAM Academy strives to nurture talents.

Our Methodology (Online training available)

We pride ourselves on our competency-based three-pronged learning methodology. Facilitated classroom sessions, full mission ship-handling simulation training and practical shipboard attachments allow our course participants to effectively acquire competencies that are then transferred to the workplace.

While waiting out COVID-19 restrictions, PSAM Academy continues to serve the training needs of our clients through online training platforms.

Our Alumni Portfolio

Our distinguished alumni comprises of more than 9,000 maritime pilots, ship masters, harbour masters, tug masters and marine officers from shipping companies, ports, terminals and maritime administrations. Many organisations have engaged our services as an integral part of their training roadmap for their maritime leaders and professionals.

Our Training Coverage

  • PSAM maritime piloting best practices
  • IMO STCW Section B-V/a – Guidance regarding additional training for masters and chief mates of large ships and ships with unusual manoeuvring characteristics
  • IMO Resolution A.960(23) Recommendations on training and certification and on operational procedures for maritime pilots other than deep-sea pilots

Marine Consultancy

Our team of veteran maritime professionals provides consultancy services on port planning and terminal expansion, as well as local and overseas marine-related offshore projects such as wharf and channel configurations. Our team leverages on full mission ship-handling simulations to ensure objective analyses and recommendations in the evaluation of the interaction between environmental factors and proposed infrastructure.

Navigational Audit

Navigational audit is a voluntary second party audit and focuses only on navigational activities by way of a ship underway. The audit aims to provide a snapshot overview of navigational practices and where applicable, highlight areas for improvements.

Our navigational auditors will provide an objective assessment on the bridge team vis-à-vis the STCW level of responsibility (Operational/Management), and its compliance to mandatory rules and regulations, clients’ requirements and industry standards. On completion of the audit, a detailed report will be provided.