About us

Quality of service, workplace safety, and health and environmental protection are our priority. In line with these values, our integrated QHSE management system fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.  We seek to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Apart from identifying and mitigating risks, we run continuous safety programmes to train and remind our people to prioritise safety, always.

QHSE Policy

We strive to always deliver our marine services reliably and responsively, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our management supports the promotion of health, safety and environmental protection among our employees, contractors and clients.

We believe that quality, health, safety and environmental considerations are an integral part of every job and activity carried out by us. We recognise the importance of leadership in handling these concerns.

We believe that accidents are preventable.

We are committed to the prevention of injury, pollution and ill health by maintaining high standards of health, safety and environmental consciousness and personal discipline.

We shall consider all quality, health, safety and environmental aspects and impacts of our activities, products and services when setting, implementing and reviewing our objectives and targets.

We shall seek continual improvement to our quality, health, safety and environmental performance, and prevention of pollution, through the establishment of an effective management system.

All processes and procedures shall be audited to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements relating to occupational health, safety and environmental aspects.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

All our employees and contractors are strictly prohibited from using, possessing, distributing or selling any unlawful drugs:

  • onboard any vessel that is owned, operated or serviced by us;
  • within any of our premises; and
  • at any of our charterers’ premises.

No PSA Marine staff or contractor shall take charge of or work onboard any vessel or drive any vehicle while he is under the influence of alcohol or drug or intoxicating substance.

Stern disciplinary action, including dismissal from service, will be taken against any employee found contravening any of the above provisions.

We shall cooperate fully with the authorities concerned should any unlawful drugs or alcohol be found on our employees, onboard our vessels or within our premises.

Fall Prevention Policy

We shall comply with all applicable legal and other requirements regarding the performance of work at a height of two metres or more.

We shall ensure that all due diligence is exercised to prevent any fall of persons or objects and injury arising from work at height.

This policy shall be communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of our organisation and promulgated to our contractors for their compliance.

Energy Management Policy

We are committed to energy conservation. We recognise that the world has limited resources and our businesses should use energy resources responsibly and efficiently under the ISO 50001 framework.